Service Work

Answering Service 12-Step Calls

Our method of taking 12-step phone calls is a computerized answering service. We need people who are willing to get these phone calls from people who may think they have a problem with alcohol. We receive several calls per month to help the person find meetings or to just talk. The only requirement is 6 months of sobriety.

Please contact us if you are willing to serve in this capacity. You can be a primary contact or an alternate. You can pick the time frame that you would be willing to accept the calls (any block in a 24 hour period, any day of the week).

Intergroup Representatives

Each home group should have an intergroup representative that speaks for and represents his/her home group. The representative attends the regular intergroup business meeting and ensures we have a group conscious. Contact your home group chairperson if you are interested.

Intergroup Liaison

The Niagara Intergroup Liaison attends the District 3 Committee meetings and the Area 50 General Service Assembly meetings on behalf of intergroup. The liaison reports back to the intergroup on what was discussed at these meetings. This role facilitates the free flow of communication between intergroup and the general service structure. Come to the intergroup business meeting to learn more.

Public Information Committee (PIC)

Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of the members of this community; to carry the message to the alcohol who still suffers. Working together, the members of the PIC convey A.A. information to the general public including the media. If you are interested, come to the intergroup business meeting to learn more.

Treatment Facility Committee (TFC)

Members of the TFC take meetings into First Step Center, Clearview, Horizon Village, Freedom Village, and others. A minimum of nine (9) months of continuous sobriety is required to run the meeting. There is no time requirement to join TFC. You must however, have a sponsor, home group and working the 12 steps. If you do not have transportation, we will team you up with someone who has a car. Come to the TFC meeting to learn more.

Corrections Committee

The Corrections Committee takes AA meetings into the Niagara County Jail. On a yearly basis the jail officials conduct  an orientation so you can be approved to take the meetings into the jail. For more information, come to the intergroup business meeting to learn more.