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The primary objective of the Niagara Intergroup website is to provide members of Alcoholics Anonymous who live in or around the area of Niagara Intergroup with a gateway into Alcoholics Anonymous for the the alcoholic who still suffers.

The Niagara Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous owns the domain name; and is the final authority for its use and content. Problems associated with the website shall be resolved by a majority vote of the Intergroup Representatives. Last names of members of A.A. and personnel telephone will not be used on the Website to thoroughly protect all member' anonymity.

E-mail will the primary means of communication. the only e-mail address is that of:

Links to the A.A. General Service Office (GSO) and the A.A. Grapevine may be made with no qualification or reservation. Links to other A.A. websites may be made with the caveat that they are GSO-approved because the GSO has a strict policy to not endorse or approve websites.

The Webmaster is responsible to maintain the website, incorporating meeting changes and special events. Links may be added or deleted by a simple majority vote of Intergroup representatives. The Web person shall be appointed by the Chairperson of NiagaraIntergroup and shall have the status of a committee chairperson. The Webmaster is responsible to the NiagaraIntergroup and shall report website activities at the NiagaraIntergroup meetings on the third Sunday of each month, excepting July, August and December, which are held the at 2:00PM in the Hooker Auditorium at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center on 10th Street, Niagara Falls, NY.

The Webmaster shall provide the Niagara Intergroup Treasurer with the address and password required to access the Website server. In addition, the Webmaster shall attempt to enlist a competent backup Webmaster who will also be given the same address and password.

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