K8 answer service


This is a service that was established through NiagaraIntergroup a few years ago. It has worked very well. The sole purpose of this service is; to have a hot line in our district to help the still sick and suffering alcoholic. 

we receive several call per month to help the person find meetings or to **Just Talk**

If you would like to become part of this important tool please contact NiagaraIntergroup or feel free to call me at; 716-316-1994. The only requirments are; six months months of sobriety, pick a time frame ( any block in a 24 hour period any any day of week you would be willing to accept the calls). Both male/female are welcome. PLEASE BECOME A PART OF!!!!! Give back to what is freely given to us. It is a very import tool in helping the sick and suffering person. aa meetings in niagara falls ny

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K8 answer service

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