DISTRICT 3 DCM-district committee member


The DCM position is vacant

The heart of A.A. is the group, which elects a General Service Representative (GSR). The GSR attends district meetings that are made up of the groups in that district. The GSRs elect a District Committee Member (DCM). Thus, the DCM is the vital link between the group's GSR, and the area service structure, including the area's delegate to the General Service Conference.

New Group Forms-this form is needed to establish your group as an A.A. group with Alcoholics Anonymous Worls Service. Please click on the link to download form:  https//www.aaorg/assets/en_US/e_group.pdf

To make a change to your group information-- this form is to be filed if your group changes location, time, ect. Pleas use the link above to download the form.

Where does the DCM come from?

GSRs in each district usually elect their DCM. The qualifications for a GOOD District Committee Member  are not complicated: background in A.A. service work that goes with the GSR job, and perhaps some central office/intergroup service; enough sobriety (say 4 to 5 years) to be eligible for election to area office; and the time and energy to serve the groups and district well.

When is the DCM elected?

DCMs are usually elected before the area assembly meeting at which the delegate is elected. Some areas, however, rotate half of their committee members each year.

How long does the DCM serve?

Most DCMs serve for a two year period.

What does the DCM do?

The DCM carries the collective group conscience of the AA groups in the district to the area committee. Among the two-way communication responsible of the DCM are:

*Holding regular meetings of all GSRs int district.

*Assisting the delegate in obtaining group information in a time to meet the deadline for appropriate AA directories.

*Keeping the GSRs informed about Conference activities.

*Acquiring GSRs with The AA Service Manual, Box 4-5-9, and other AA literature.

*Holding workshops on carrying the message of the Seventh Tradition to nonsupporting AA groups.

*Holding sharing sessions on just about any service subject.

*And of course, making a regular practice of talking to groups (new and old) on the responsibilities of general service work.

Are there growing responsibilities for the DCM?

Continuing growth of the fellowship brings new opportunities for service to the DCM.  As the numbers of groups in an area increases, the maintenance of a vital active link between the groups and the Fellowship as a whole becomes a challenge to the DCMs. By maintaining active contact, both with the groups in the district and with area delegate the DCM is a key link in ensuring that all of the A.A. groups are aware of the importance of their total particapation in local, didtrict, area, world service.